The cooperating churches of High Country Baptist Association have as our purpose:

  • To promote and cultivate an atmosphere of mutual respect and interdependence that will encourage each church to carry out the great commision of our Lord in the context of the High Country of Colorado.
  • To make available resources that will enable churches to be effective in evangelism, teaching, fellowship, worship, and service.
  • To encourage churches to be On Mission locally, regionally and internationally.

About the High Country

The area known as the High Country Baptist Association covers eleven counties across the north central and northwest mountains and valleys of Colorado

From suburbia, to mining communities, small farming and ranching towns, and the most exclusive of vacation resorts, the High Country is a diverse region in values, lifestyles, ethnicity, and culture.

Although tourism, both winter and summer, is the primary industry for the High Country, ranching, farming, mining, along with oil and gas exploration are all significant in this region.

High Country Baptist Association is comprised of approximately twenty churches spread across over twenty thousand square miles of north central and northwestern Colorado.

Within our association, there are traditional churches, ethnic churches, house churches, contemporary churches, resort churches, rural churches and mountaintop worship services for skiers and snowboarders all working together to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the residents, seasonal guests, and visitors to the High Country.

Taking its call from Paul’s letter to the church in Corinth, High Country Association is ready and willing to do “whatever it takes!” so that more people will be won to Christ.